Cyber Security Training

The Maritime Cybersecurity training is a scheme for technical security specialists, backed by University standards & NCSC. It is supported by renown international registries, shipping companies and government entities and agencies within the Maritime sector and its chains.

The principle is that certification schemes run on independent lines, which give buyers of security testing services confidence that they are hiring a recognised and reputable company within the Maritime Industry. Consultants and engineers are certified by demonstrating expertise in methodology, special knowledge and technical skills . All this is governed by Cyber Scheme, approved by NCSC, the Information Security arm of GCHQ, to carry out assessments by penetration testers against critical systems

The Cyber Scheme is the Delivery Partner for the Cyber Advisor (Cyber Essentials Implementation) Assessments, in partnership with NCSC and IASME. The Cyber Scheme provides an objective, supportive opinion on behalf of our sponsors when creating new schemes and lobbying for change with official bodies including The UK Cyber Security Council, NCSC and CIISec.

For further details on the training programs listed below, please contact us at [email protected] .

IMCSO: Maritime specific trainings

  • Offensive Security Practitioner
  • Maritime Cyber Security Specialist
  • Secure Software Development
  • Cloud Security

Maritime trainings ashore

Corporate awareness
  • Cybersecurity Executive Awareness (CEA)
  • Cybersecurity Awareness (CA)
Offensive Security Professional
  • Hardware / IOT Security Testing Team Leader (HSTTL)
  • Cloud Security Testing Leader (CSTL)
  • Offensive Security Team Leader ( OSTL)
  • Cyber Scheme Team Leader / Tiger Scheme Team Leader (CSTL)
Offensive Security Professional
  • Offensive Security Team Member (OSTM)
  • Cyber Scheme Team Member (CSTM)
  • Qualified Security Team Member (QSTM)
Incident Response / SOC
  • Security Operation Centre Architecture (SOCA)
  • Incident Management and Incident Response (IMIR)
  • Defence Monitoring Team Member (DMTM)
  • Application of AI / ML in Incident Response (AI/ML)
  • Defence Monitoring team leader (DM)
Digital Forensics
  • IOT Digital Forensics (IODF)
  • Malware Reverse Engineering (MWRE)
  • Digital Forensics Team Leader ( DFTL)
  • Digital Forensics Team Member (DFTM)