Founded in 2021 by Remie Kalloe (founder of, Richard Hodder and Campbell Murray (co-founders of Pelion Consulting). Having gained our Stars and Stripes in the Yachting world we are best placed to understand the importance of safety and security of our clients.

As a privately-owned Dutch company and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are governed by strict Dutch and European privacy and security standards.

Driven by a desire to build and deliver the best cybersecurity propositions in the industry and assist in developing the evolving legislative and regulatory cybersecurity landscape. Our team of highly experienced international security specialists and experts aim to empower clients, share knowledge and provide advice enabling them to protect against threats and focus on the activities core to their business.


The founders of Dockside.Cyber see that various industries & sectors are gradually waking up to the threats to their systems and assets. Yet due to rising global tensions and instability businesses are increasingly exposed by the ever evolving cyberthreats and scams, be that APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups, nation-state or organised criminal gangs which are causing unparalleled disruption and irreversible damage.

They also noticed that many CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officer) struggle with developing the strategies required to defend their organisations from the ever changing and complex digital adversaries. Cybersecurity readiness is often being added into the CxO agenda after a significant breach occurs, which can also cause reputation damage as well as financial loss. Current IT strategies do not necessarily cover all aspects of cyber security and do not allow for the development of effective defences against all types of threat actors.


The focus is to make our clients’ trusted cyber security partners.

We pride ourselves on providing specialised cyber security solutions to our clients and work closely with international organisations to help develop the latest regulations and to prevent Cybercrime. Investigating for evidence of existing compromise and proactively validating and improving.

We follow the latest technological developments closely to ensure that our knowledge of cyber security, especially those affecting the maritime industry, is always at the cutting edge. As CyberSecurity innovators!

A Team of International Experts

A team of International experts working on different fields of Cybersecurity we have to ensure that everyone in our team is able to respond to the most specific needs of our client. This also gives us a competitive edge: we have attracted young talents, our youngest talent started at the age of 14; specialists with well sought-after skills, competencies and experience which the Cyber industry requires. We believe that a young cultured Cyber expert team of today will be the future against the swift changing Cybercrime of tomorrow.

A specialist team who push themselves and their colleagues in our mission to excel and deliver great Cyber defence solutions to our clients.

Innovation is Key

Our strategy to defend against threat actors requires multidisciplinary teams of threat investigators, intelligence analysts, engineers, data scientists, forensics specialists, security consultants and developers. To get the most out of the skill sets of individual team members we encourage close collaboration. We nurture creativity and innovation to develop advanced solutions required to be ahead of adversaries.


Founder and owner of BV. Remie is an established global leader in Yachting, Maritime, Oil & Gas and has more than 15 years experience in Telecommunications and Technology. Remie has an active passion for the latest technology and can provide the assistance, design and implement bespoke solutions.

Over 20 years’ experience and expertise in innovation within the offensive and defensive Cyber Security arena, developing standards and methodologies that are used widely within the industry today. Passionate about continual development he also founded and was a director of the TigerScheme from 2007 and the CyberScheme from 2013 furthering training in penetration testing.

Sylvana has been working in the Maritime industry for the last 3 years. She is responsible for all the operations and research. Coming from the Photo & Video industry she has a creative mind. She loves Music and Art & Design and is passionate about Cyber security and upcoming technology.