is an independent intelligence company, specialised in Cyber and Risk Management. We adopt a patented scenario-based approach that enables us to discover narratives in unstructured data. Moreover, we add real-time information to these scenarios and create actionable intelligence.

Consulting & Survey


An initial survey will establish a clear understanding of the Cyber risks pertinent to your vessel, organisation and/or company. These risks may be presented in ways that may not normally occur to you.

The core aim is to understand, educate, inform and ensure that vessels, companies and crew are safe from Cyber attacks and that the privacy is protected against the growing threat of Cybercrime, data theft, malware, ransomware, blackmail and more.

Ask yourself:
  • Are you protected from internal and external threats?
  • Are you protected from what may be brought on board by guests, crew and 3rd party visitors?
  • Does your internet access also present an access point for attack?
  • What is your Cyber risk attitude, understanding and awareness?
  • What are your immediate concerns?

Risk Assessment

Understanding your risk:

By Identifying, analysing and evaluating risk, by understanding how systems and information is managed and controlled between different IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) interfaces we can work out the Likelihood vs Risk of various situations and scenarios.

Asset Register

By assessing the risk exposure before and after using this methodology Cyber attacks can be reduced with appropriate protection measures and controls.

Reasonable Risk

Information assets, such as networks, hardware, systems, vessel data, passwords to critical vessel infrastructure, operational technology are identified and controls implemented to protect those assets. All this should be tracked and documented to understand what devices and systems onboard could present threats.

For assistance with implementing a full asset register, tracking everything on the network and fully understanding the risks associated with each item, please contact us.

Penetration Testing

Depending on the size and complexity a visit will be conducted. The existing network infrastructure, access methods, protocols and staff skill set are reviewed. The outcomes of the penetration test or Cyber security assessment will provide feedback to the risk assessment and asset register

The end-result is a rating for all key security & functional aspects compiled into a brief report enabling you to further understand your Cyber risk. In coordination with internal teams, our specialists will discuss and develop a full penetration testing plan, based on a defined formal scope of work.

"Stress Testing"

A simulated technique to analyse software and procedures to identify any potential vulnerabilities. Web-based applications, networks and other computer systems including IoT can be tested along with physical security assessments of servers onboard networks and vessel systems.

As a client of , you will receive a report detailing any weaknesses discovered, where they could be exploited and the realistic risk they present.

Where issues are identified, we will continue to work with you and the vendors involved to ensure vulnerabilities are patched and improvements made.

We always ensure that you remain in full control of all your data.

Awareness creation

Throughout any client engagement there is the need to communicate fully what is going on in order to share knowledge. Having key team members involved so they fully understand the process of developing a Cyber aware mindset.

Along with creating a Cyber aware culture onboard essential training sessions will be spent with team and relevant staff to update them on the latest trends in Cyber attacks including Phishing / Social engineering / Internet of Things applicable to their industry.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs and Procedures)

We also assist in defining security-related procedures, configurations and documentation that match the level of security & functionality required.

Educating team members is half the work, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to avoid being a victim of Cybercrime.

Contact us today to find out how can help ensure your specific needs are met.

Incident Recovery

One of the most critical elements of Cyber security is planning for the worst case scenario and how to minimise the impact of a Cyber attack or breach to ensure operations resume as efficiently as possible.

Before a Cyber-attack becomes a crisis an Incident Response Plan should be in place, ensuring it is followed and which is up to date. This could mean the difference between a ransomware payment to ATP’s or just restoring systems safely and efficiently.

We also assist in responding and recovering from Cyber security incidents being in your OT and IT infrastructure. Gathering a team to carry out the Response and Recovery, Initial Assessment, Recover Systems and Data, Incident Investigation, Prevent a Re-occurrence.

Anti-Drone Technology

Drone technology has greatly advanced, allowing for smaller, longer lasting and higher resolution videos at a fraction of the earlier costs. They are providing innovative solutions for a number of modern day problems as well as footage of exotic locations and underway for marketing purposes.

Nefarious Purposes

On the flip side, drones are also being used to invade privacy. Guests on board yachts are often high profile or celebrities and drones can be used to intercept the airspace around a yacht and take pictures or record video. Drones can even carry payloads, whatever that might be, and then there’s the risk of a drone crashing on or near vessels and causing damage.

The maritime fraternity are waking up to the growing threat that drones pose to privacy, safety and security on-board their yachts. Your care of duty is to protect your yacht(s) from all threats and keep all on-board private, safe & secure. It’s a difficult task as new threats continue to emerge.

Detect & Defend

Drones operate on particular frequencies so this is one way they can be detected, but typically it requires a multi-layered approach, a combination of radio frequency detection, radar, acoustic and optic sensors. We’ve probably all encountered a drone flying above us or nearby and noticed their distinctive sound and there are devices that can listen out for it.

24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our dedicated SOC team provides 365x24x7 monitoring of traffic patterns to detect, analyse and respond to Cyber security incidents using a combination of technology solutions.

Detect Cyber Threats in Real-time

Cyber threats are constantly evolving with Cyber criminals finding ever more creative ways to infiltrate your networks and devices. Our SOC solution has been developed to constantly monitor and protect your onboard networks, from the mundane IT (Information Technology) equipment through to the vessel critical infrastructure and systems that provide control functions, OT (Operational Technology).

The maritime fraternity are waking up to the growing threat that drones pose to privacy, safety and security on-board their yachts. Your care of duty is to protect your yacht(s) from all threats and keep all on-board private, safe & secure. It’s a difficult task as new threats continue to emerge.

Improve your Security Posture

To take the security posture of your yacht or vessel to the next level and invest in peace-of-mind by having our experts, who are trained to the highest level and able to stop Cyber attacks in their tracks, on hand 24/7 ensuring you are safe from Cyber attack when on board your yacht.

  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Event Investigation

The cost invested in putting this solution in place will be rewarded by minimising your chances of being attacked, which is a cost that can't be quantified until it's unfortunately happened.

Contact us today to find out how can help ensure your specific needs are met.

Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep

Know you’re not being listened to

Counter surveillance devices are basically bug detectors which aim to uncover transmitting signals and electronic eavesdropping within your yacht, workplace or any other setting, at the highest level of security.

  • Scanning for video devices
  • Scanning WIFI networks to look for unauthorised or rogue IP cameras and data collection devices
  • Scanning of telephones and networks

An eavesdropping bugging device is often very small and can be an everyday unassuming product. These devices can be planted in many different areas, including electrical sockets, lighting, electrical equipment, cables and connectors, vents, wall floor and ceiling cavities, electrical wiring, phone systems, small desk or shelf items, computer systems, wireless networks (WiFi). All environments found onboard yachts - and also inside vehicles.

We provide a discreet and professional service which can be provided at short notice, depending on location. We work closely with our clients, ensuring their specific needs are met.

To find out more contact us.